I Wrote This For You: Just The Words presents twice the number of entries with over works from the internationally acclaimed poetry and photography. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Iain S. Thomas is a writer and new media artist. He is the author of several books, the most popular of which is I Wrote This . Iain S. Thomas is a writer and new media artist. He is the author of several books, the most popular of which is I Wrote This For You. Originally an online verse.

I Wrote This For You Just The Words Ebook

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I Wrote This For You book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. First some thoughts, then a widely followed blog, then a succ. I Wrote This For You: Just The Words presents twice the number of entries with over works from the internationally acclaimed poetry and. I Wrote This For You: Just The Words - eBook. After a a traumatic year, I wish you good health in heart and in mind. Saturday, December

You think what you want to write has been written already.

If you have felt any of these fears, relax. I published my first book on site as a totally unknown author.

I Wrote This For You: Just the Words

Everything has been said already. Write your book anyway. Be helpful.

Your readers will benefit. Flat broke? None of these techniques will cost you a dime.

Here are five winning techniques that will sell your book — no matter what else you do. Here are three things that will make your content shine.

Make it easy to read. Explain things in simple terms — so a child to understand. Organize it logically. Let each chapter serve a bigger purpose. They can be a series of steps, or a collection of related topics. Make it believable. Share something new. Then prove it. I did not have the vaguest idea how to digitally publish an ebook.

Rather than try to figure it out, I wanted to just do a PDF. I knew how to get a designer to make me a PDF, so I did that. The world of digital publishing for the site and Nook and all the other ways completely confused me.

So I ignored it. The problem is, the site format is just exploding.

Who knows how many sales I lost. Formatted wrong for digital.

After doing the PDF, I learned you need very specific formatting in order for a book to transfer to site and other popular ebook formats. Given that, I would have needed to get someone to reformat the whole thing and repaginate it, which sounded like a massive headache. So I just passed on the whole opportunity. Now I realized it was stupid not to make the effort to get it converted.

No sales funnel. My writer friend Sean Platt says 18 months from now, there will only be digital publishing.

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I recommend you do, too. He talks about his valued female friendships, one of which landed him on a circus train bound for Mexico. He talks about his time teaching young women at an upstate New York college, and the profound lessons they wound up teaching him. There turns out to be something primally satisfying about possessing livestock: a man wants to boast of his herd.

Most respondents expressed appropriate admiration and envy of my goats, but the email in question, from my agent, was intended as a forward to some of her coworkers, sighing over the frivolous expenditures on which I was frittering away my advance. The word Oof was used. It would be like suddenly subtracting the strong nuclear force from the universe: the fabric of society would instantly disintegrate, every marriage, friendship, and business partnership dissolved.

Civilization, held together by a fragile web of tactful phrasing, polite omissions, and benign lies, would self-destruct in a universal holocaust of bitter recriminations and weeping, breakups and fistfights, divorces, bankruptcies, scandals and resignations, blood feuds and litigation, wholesale slaughter in the streets, and lingering ill will. This particular email was, in itself, no big deal.

Those moments when you overhear others describing you without censoring themselves for your benefit are like catching a glimpse of yourself in a mirror without having first combed your hair and correctly arranged your face, or seeing a candid photo of yourself online, not smiling or posing but just looking the way you apparently always do, oblivious and mush-faced with your mouth open.

It is simply not pleasant to be objectively observed.

(ebook) I Wrote This for You: Just the Words

Which in fact everyone is.When it comes time to sell your ebook, these are the people who are most likely to help you spread the word. Turn everything into Normal style and set its parameters. This is particularly the case if your domain name contains strong keywords.

Appreciate that. Check the links One your ebook is saved in its final form, go through it and check all links to make sure they work.