Items 5 - 13 This application kit is provided free of charge by the Manitoba government and is not to Generic Application Form for Canada [IMM ] (PDF. Items 5 - 12 This Application Kit outlines the eligibility requirements for the FSRI. . The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) is a provincial immigration program made Generic Application Form for Canada [IMM ] (PDF. This Application Kit outlines the eligibility requirements for the FSRI. The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program – Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative ( FSRI).

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Fill Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program Application Form, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with. Fill Mapp Form, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. Try Now!. Jun 4, Get help to open an application form or to fill one out in the Help Centre. Generic Application Form for Canada [IMM ] (PDF, KB).

A points-based system is used to assess and score your profile, and to rank you in the pool of Expressions of Interest. You will be assessed based on factors including: your language ability your work experience your adaptability and other factors These factors all play a role in your future economic success in Manitoba.

A goal of the Expression of Interest system is to ensure strong economic outcomes and long-term retention in Manitoba for those selected. The number of LAAs issued in each draw is dependent on annual processing targets and capacities.

Hm... Are You a Human?

If you receive a LAA, you have 60 days to submit a complete application to the MPNP and you will have to provide documents to support the information you provided to us in your Expression of Interest. If you provide false or misleading information in your EOI, it may be considered misrepresentation.

If you are invited to apply, your LAA will advise you on what you should do next. Your Expression of Interest will remain active for one year from the date you originally submitted it. After it expires, you will have to submit a new Expression of Interest to still be considered.

Try to improve your score Make sure your profile is fully up-to-date and accurate.

While your Expression of Interest is active, you can continue to update your profile with new information. There are things you can do to improve your score and increase your chances of receiving a Letter of Advice to Apply. For example, you could: improve your language score by taking another test gain more work experience To create your Expression of Interest Create Government of Manitoba account Click the button on the bottom of this page and follow the instructions to create an account with the Government of Manitoba.

Important You can only have one active Expression of Interest at any time. You will only be able to submit a new profile once your current Expression of Interest expires.

Provide truthful information If you provide false or misleading information in your EOI, it may be considered misrepresentation. For example, if you completed an English test for your first official language, in order to receive points for a second official language, you must provide proof of a valid French test TEF that meets CLB 5 or higher.

Before you proceed Understand that it is up to each applicant to demonstrate, by submitting credible and verifiable documents in MPNP Online, that you are eligible to submit an application. It is a permanent program of the Province of Manitoba to promote and facilitate economic immigration for independent skilled workers and entrepreneurs. Notwithstanding your declared Connection to Manitoba, the MPNP will assess your connection based on all documents you submit.

The MPNP accepts applications from skilled workers in any occupation — unless otherwise specified — but the MPNP will consider your employability based on your past education, training, work experience, language skills and regulatory requirements during assessment of your application. You do not need an immigration representative to apply. If you choose to hire one, they must adhere to strict guidelines.

The points worksheet and the Come to Manitoba, Canada Tool are strictly for you to self-assess your eligibility to apply. If there is a difference between your self-assessment and the assessment made by the MPNP based on the information and documents you provided, the MPNP assessment will be used.

If applicaton criteria or applicaton forms have been updated since the publicaton of this booklet, you will nd the most current informaton on our website at immigratemanitoba.

There is no fee required to apply to the MPNP. The government of Manitoba has the sole authority to nominate applicants for permanent resident status in Canada, based on our assessment of your potental for success in Manitoba as an independent skilled worker. If you are nominated by the government of Manitoba, you must then apply for Canadian permanent resident status. The MPNP will provide you with instructons explaining how to apply.

You must pay the required Government of Canada immigraton fees and meet statutory requirements for medical and criminal admissibility. The Government of Canada has the nal authority to issue a permanent resident visa.

Thank you for your interest in Manitoba as your immigraton destnaton in Canada. Do I have legal status in my country of residence?

Do you have proof that you have legal status in the country where you are now living? You are not eligible to apply if you are now a refugee claimant or a refused refugee claimant living in Canada. You may apply from outside of Canada if you have proof of legal status in your country of residence. Am I a skilled worker who is employable in Manitoba? You need proof of training including any required licence or certcaton , work experience and language ability to nd employment in your assessed occupaton in Manitoba soon afer you arrive.

Your assessed occupaton is the occupaton under which an MPNP program o cer assesses your applicaton based on your training and main work experience. The MPNP accepts applicatons in any occupaton where individuals satsfactorily demonstrate their employability in their assessed occupaton in Manitoba.

You may need to have your qualicatons, educaton and experience assessed when you arrive in the province. For more informaton on regulated occupatons and qualicatons recogniton in Manitoba, visit the Work in Manitoba secton of immigratemanitoba.

MPNP applicants must demonstrate a genuine intenton and ability to setle successfully in Manitoba. The MPNP has four priority assessment streams and a General stream based on the type of connecton applicants have to Manitoba.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)

Priority assessment streams are designed for applicants who can demonstrate the strongest potental to setle successfully and permanently in Manitoba. Applicatons accepted under a priority assessment stream will be assessed before applicatons accepted under the General stream.

Applicatons accepted under a priority assessment stream will be assessed before applicatons accepted under the General stream. To nd out if you are eligible to apply under one of the assessment streams, refer to the tables in the following pages. However, program criteria may change without notce and your applicaton will be assessed according to the criteria in place at the tme we receive your complete applicaton. If your applicaton is not eligible for consideraton under a priority stream you may be eligible to apply under the General stream if you have one or more of the following: a close relatve in Manitoba completed educaton in Manitoba two distant relatves or friends in Manitoba who have each signed a Manitoba A davit of Support MAS previous work experience in Manitoba at least six months Please review the specic criteria for each of these factors in the secton Self Assessment General stream.

Strategic initatves are undertaken at the discreton of the MPNP in accordance with program needs and available resources.

You are eligible to apply to the MPNP through a strategic initatve if you: partcipated in an exploratory visit to Manitoba conrmed by the MPNP, had an interview with a MPNP o cer and received an invitaton to apply were interviewed by a MPNP o cer and received a leter of invitaton to apply as part of a MPNP targeted overseas promotonal initatve To nd out about current strategic initatves please visit our website at immigratemanitoba. Do I have su cient setlement supports?

The MPNP is not a sponsorship program. To be nominated, you must be able to demonstrate your ability to successfully setle in Manitoba as a skilled worker. In all cases, you must provide evidence of some setlement funds in your name. Additonal informaton about setlement funds requirements can be found under each stream in the Self Assessment secton. Do I have a complete applicaton with all required forms and documents?

If you meet all eligibility criteria, you must provide all required forms and documents described in one of our document checklists MDOC for yourself and for all of your accompanying dependants.

The MPNP will not accept incomplete applicatons. Who can be included in my applicaton? Manitoba values the contributon that family units can make to the economic development of our province and encourages the inclusion of eligible family members in your applicaton to the MPNP.

Eligible family members included in your applicaton are called accompanying dependants.

Apply Online

Please note that you must be able to show enough setlement funds for all family members that you include in your MPNP applicaton. If your children do not meet the above criteria, but want to come to Manitoba with you, they can stll apply to the MPNP program.

They must submit a separate applicaton at the same tme as you and indicate they are connected to your applicaton.

This MPNP application kit is provided free by the government of Manitoba and is not to be sold to applicants. New dependants, afer you have been nominated such as a newborn , must be declared to the MPNP and the Government of Canada visa o ce before you and your dependants are issued permanent resident visas, whether they are accompanying you to Canada or not.Your applicat on will be assessed points according to several factors including age, educat on, work experience, language ability and adaptability.

MPNP Application Kit 2

Applicants are required to ensure that their application is complete and accurate when it is submitted, and should not expect to rely on being able to correct errors or omissions later on in the evaluation process. It is up to you to have the necessary travel documents visitor visas for example and to arrange and pay for the visit yourself.

You will only be able to submit a new profile once your current Expression of Interest expires. Market trends o Is the market growing, contracting, or static? For additonal informaton about processing requirements, tmes and fees, please visit the Citzenship and Immigraton Canada website.

Other applicants must advise the MPNP-B office at least three weeks prior to the interview that an interpreter is required.