Documents Similar To Sky 3 Activity Book. Test Units New Sky 2. Uploaded by. Ana Vitanova Panova · NEW SKY 2 Written All Over. Uploaded by. Activity Book incorporato nellActivity Book Test Master CD-Rom Students Book 3. Welcome to New Sky New Sky un corso di lingua e cultura inglese che. Sky: New Sky Student's Book 3 Student's Book Bk. 3 by Brian Abbs, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

New Sky 3 Test Book

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New Sky still has everything that you loved from the previous edition, only better goals and look forward to a new adventure every time they open their books. Blue Skies 3 audio New Sky takes the clear syllabus and methodology of the original course and adds new and exciting Abbs Brian, Freebairn Ingrid New Activity Book that provides systematic practice and graded . Lower Secondary ( photocopiable resources + progress tests) Adding fresh and simulating content to . Testes A. New Sky 6.º . Writing. 3 Write five sentences about Rachel's best Pearson Educación S.A., Units 3–4. Test 2A. Vocabulary.

Where are you from? Write short answers. Yes, she is. This cat is naughty. These cats are naughty.

Sky: New Sky Student's Book 3 Student's Book Bk. 3

No, they arent. Choose from the words in the box. Complete the questions and short answers. Then circle the correct number. Write the times. Its five to ten. C Ive. Six oclock A When B have you got A: Have you got a pen? A youve got C any books. A at B books. Bye for now. Its twenty past nine. C I have. Six oclock. C any books. A on B books. Can Anna Dance?

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Write ONE word in each space. Pip is clever. Please help her! Please stand still! Yes, she can. Please help us! Tom is clever. There is one extra word in B. Use the verbs in brackets. Wheres your brother? Weve got new clothes. Those boys are cool. Choose A, B, C or D. Yes, she does.

He lives in London. Seven oclock. He eats meat. Its horrible! I love this band. I like Sundays. I dont like this milkshake. All my friends like this music. I dont like these clothes.

Those songs are great. This is a boring book. Wheres your sister? They eat plants. A What do A: I live in Paris. A Where A: Four oclock. We are never late for school. There is one extra answer.

What are you doing? Are they swimming? Is he doing his homework? Its windy. Is Anna making sandwiches? Is the sun shining? Where are you going? Is Harry doing his homework? Are you having lunch? There are two extra places. Choose the correct form of the verbs. Yes, Im a nurse. Look at Justin.

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My mums a teacher. I cant talk now. She 4 take 10 from yesterday evening on Friday night the machine and 5 start to walk away. What did you do yesterday evening? Ten minutes later she B: I went swimming.

So what b Tell the class. She went into Antonio watched a DVD yesterday evening. He 9 be very 8 Write surprised. Lucy was very Write an email to a friend.

One of to you. Use Jakes email on page 12 to help you. Lucys friends said she was crazy 7 but everyone 9 13 Limerick else said she 11 Go to page and listen and complete the do the right limerick.

We from Japan, 1 My cousins live in Australia.

Our dad 2 Were staying in a lovely hotel. Completa lesempio con i verbi live, come e work al present simple o continuous. Completa le tabelle usando il verbo live. I 3 have a great time in Ireland! Si usa per parlare di: I 6 play football every day and Present continuous I 7 go to the beach nearly every day Forma affermativa it depends on the weather! I The family I 8 stay with is really.

Both Moira and Sean 9 play tennis and they 10 teach me. I Shes a language teacher but she 12 Pearson Italia spa. Love, Mattia. Wednesday sing on TV show Im going to organise Thursday meet musical director the music. Friday fly to Hollywood. Leggi lesempio. Sottolinea i verbi che esprimono unintenzione e cerchia il verbo che parla di un avvenimento programmato.

On Monday Connie 1 in the Completa le tabelle usando il verbo see.

Sky 3 Activity Book

USA and in the afternoon she 2 New York city. Be going to She loves fashion, so she 3 Forma affermativa on Tuesday all day! Forma interrogativa I? I Si usa per parlare di: I acting when I at primary Here are your school. Which Here are the socks. Completa quello che dice Alex Pettyfer Completa le domande con one o ones. Poi osserva la tabella e controlla.

Forma affermativa Which ones? A black one and a red one.

Forma interrogativa Ho due cappellini. Uno nero e uno rosso. The blue ones. Quelli blu. Si usa il past simple per parlare di: Ive got three bags. A big one and two small ones. Ho tre borse. Una grande e due piccole. Poi riscrivi le frasi. The blue jacket Forma negativa or the black jacket? No, its an old bike.

Hollys wearing trainers. Which trainers? Theyre her new trainers. The cool boots! No, its an old cap. This cat is the mother. Hi, Alex. You 3 start work very young. Well, I 5 make a TV advert Alex: In We 15 film for yoghurt when I 6 be 6. I 7 not understand Rep.: It was like a game for me. Then, when Alex: I 17 love it. I was 7, I 8 start work as They 18 want me to act a model for kids clothes.

I 9 in the film Eragon, but I 19 stop modelling when I 10 not accept the part because they begin filming Stormbreaker. Czech Republic and Im scared of flying! When I was at primary school, I 12 Rep.: I 13 love doing that! It was Alex: I 22 not tell them!

They great fun. Thanks Alex and good luck with your next film! Ascolta e ripeti.

A coppie, scrivete e recitate il dialogo usando i suggerimenti. We live in Cycling, playing, running, walking. Student A Student B Were having fun. Ask where Student B lives. And we never stop talking! Say where you live. Say what you do in your free time. Ask what Student B did last summer.

Say what you did. Say what youre doing on Saturday morning. Say youre free in the afternoon. London 7 1 16 Listen and read. A tr ip on the There are interesting things. River Thames to see on both sides of the river and around every bend.

It was a palace also Big Be n, corridors! Theres and a prison. Now its a museum. Th the with one foot in th ere you can stand Tower Bridge looks old but its one of Londons newest e eastern hemisph ere and the other the western hem bridges.

They finished it in When the bottom part isphere.

Dont look at the texts again. Match the questions and answers, Amazing facts and figures then look at the texts and check your answers. Its diameter is Choose three facts about London which you think are the most 7. The hour hand interesting. In groups discuss your answers and agree the three is 2.

I think the most interesting fact is there are so many parks in London Marathon every year. Thats amazing. I dont think thats very interesting. Whats so special about parks? Its Underground is far more interesting. Writing tip How to start a letter How to end a letter or postcard or postcard Vocabulary Hi, everyone!

I must go. Answer the questions as you write. What did you do or see yesterday? When did you arrive? What are you going to see tomorrow? A holiday postcard Hi Tom! Im enjoying my holiday in London. The wild boy In , in southern France, some hunters When he was about fourteen, he found a strange boy in the woods.

He was met Doctor Gaspard Itard. The about nine and was completely wild. They doctor wanted to study the wild took him back to the village and he boy and tried to teach him to lived with a local woman. While speak. After some years, Victor he was with her, he escaped twice could understand quite a lot and ran back to the woods.

In of French. He could also read June , he finally came out simple words but he couldnt of the woods himself. One of them was lait milk. Nobody could find out anything about the boy because he Victor died in Paris in couldnt speak or understand at the age of forty.

They called him Victor.

In , the French film Victor ate strange food: Look at Grammar 7 Modal: Positive He could climb trees. Match the two parts of the sentences. Negative He couldnt speak. They couldnt teach him French. Questions 4 Doctor Itard taught d found a strange boy. What could he say? Could he say many words? Find twelve verbs of action in the wordsnake. Then Think about language listen and check.

Is could the same or different with I, you, write he, she, it, we and they? Use the verbs in Exercise 3. Tell the class. Could you ride a bike when you were ve? No, I couldnt. Could you swim? Yes, I could. Writing tip Linkers: When they found him, he couldnt speak a word.

After some years, he could understand quite a lot. Find another sentence with when in the text in Exercise 1. Age 7 1 walk talk 6 21 Listen and check 2 climb the stairs run Complete the conversation with could or 3 read write his name couldnt and the verbs.

Can I talk to you? Yes, of course. For me English is very difcult. And I But I What was your biggest problem?

They spoke so fast! Of course, I Some s two, he but he couldnt talk. When he wa people in London have very strange accents! I agree! Listen and repeat. Then match the prepositions and pictures. We didnt do the elds and it was moving in the 5 6 very much really, said Kylie Roberts, direction of our campsite! We were just Fortunately for her friends and all lucky. She called the campsite a school trip at a campsite near a and gave the alarm.

The campers all seaside town. While they were staying managed to get out of the camp before 7 8 there, the weather got hotter and the re arrived. French re ghters hotter. Use In pairs, ask and say what you were doing at the words in the box. What were you doing at 6 oclock this morning? I was sleeping. Then he went 8. After that he went 3 oclock yesterday afternoon 7 oclock yesterday evening 1 2 3 3 oclock last Saturday afternoon 9 oclock last Sunday morning.

What was Peter doing? He was sleeping. Blue Skies is a seven-level course for young learners. It provides all the important basic grammar and communicative activities needed to give young children a strong and succcessful start in English. Abbs B. Adding fresh and simulating content to the tried-and-tested syllabus and methodology that have made it so popular, New Sky will continue to satisfy users of this hugely successful course.

This dynamic and motivating new edition offers: Level - beginner. New Sky takes the clear syllabus and methodology of the original course and adds new and exciting content to make it even more effective and motivating for both teachers and learners.

Visually appealing and easy to use, New Sky provides short achievable lessons, Bygrave Jonathan. Visually appealing and easy to use, "New Sky" provides short achievable lessons, clearly contextualised grammar practice and integrated skills Pearson, Abbs Brian, Freebairn Ingrid New Activity Book that provides systematic practice and graded exercises for mixed-ability classes With its songs, raps, games, puzzles and stories, New Sky is the perfect course for young teenagers.

New Sky will give your students the motivation to learn and the confidence to succeed in English.I went swimming. Reading and listening: Lower Secondary.

Is he your brother? Choose from the words in the box. Match the pictures with the words in the box. This cat is naughty. Both Moira and Sean 9 play tennis and they 10 teach me. Say what you do in your free time.