Electronics questions and answers with explanation for interview, competitive can download Electronics quiz questions with answers as PDF files and eBooks. Electronic Components: thoughts on “[LATEST] BASIC ELECTRONICS Questions and Answers pdf”. Engineering interview questions-multiple choice questions-objective type questions-seminor topics-lab viva questions and answers-online quiz test pdf free download for freshers gate. A set of Basic Electronics Questions and Answers. The article includes questions on Semiconductors, Transistors, OP-Amps, Amplifiers, and many more.

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ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING COMPILED QUESTIONS PER TOPIC .. The idea of preventing one component from affecting another through their common. CIRCUIT THEORY 78 IMPORTANT MCQ WITH SOLUTION PDF FOR VIZAG MT & BEL ANALOG ELECTRONICS OBJECTIVE QUESTIONS & ANSWER PDF. Basic Electronics Objective Type Questions - Download as PDF File .pdf), biased. a) common base b) common emitter c) common collector d) none of the.

The voltage out of an ideal voltage source is A. Zero B. Constant C. Load resistance dependent D. Internal resistance dependent Answer: The current out of an ideal current source is A. The path between two points along which an electrical current can be carried is called A. A network B. A relay C. A circuit D.

A loop Answer: The unit of electrical resistance is A. Volt B. Amp C. Ohm D. Coulomb Answer: In a constant voltage DC circuit, when the resistance increases, the current will A. Decrease B. Stop C. Increase D. Remains constant Answer: Number of valence electrons in a silicon atom are A.

The most commonly used semiconductor element is A. Silicon B. Germanium C. Gallium D. Carbon Answer: Copper is a A.

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Insulator B. Conductor C. Semiconductor D. Super Conductor Answer: Number of protons in the nucleus of a silicon atom are A. The valence electron of a conductor are also called as A. Bound electron B.

Free electron C. Nucleus D. Proton Answer: An intrinsic semiconductor at room temperature has A. A few free electrons and holes B. Many holes C. Many free electrons D. No holes Answer: At room temperature, an intrinsic semiconductor has some holes in it due to A. Doping B. Free electrons C.

Thermal energy D. Valence electrons Answer: The number of holes in an intrinsic semiconductor is A. Equal to number of free electrons B. Greater than number of free electrons C. Less than number of free electrons D. None of the above Answer: Holes act as A. Atoms B. Crystals C.

Negative charges D. Positive charges Answer: Pick the odd one in the group A. Conductor B. Semiconductor C.


Four valence electrons D. Crystal structure Answer: To produce P-type semiconductors, you need to add A. Trivalent impurity B. Carbon C. Pentavalent impurity D.

Silicon Answer: Electrons are the minority carriers in A. Extrinsic Semiconductors B.

Intrinsic Semiconductors D. A p-type semiconductor contains A. Holes and Negative ions B. Holes and Positive ions C. Holes and Pentavalent atoms D. Holes and Donor atoms Answer: How many electrons does pentavalent atoms have?

Negative ions are A.

Atoms that obtained a proton B. Atoms that lost a proton C. Atoms that obtained an electron D. Atoms that lost an electron Answer: Depletion layer is caused by A. Recombination C.

Barrier potential D. Ions Answer: The reverse current in a diode is usually A. Very small B. Very large C. Zero D. Which of the following elements are most frequently used for doping pure Ge or Si? Electronic Devices and Circuits Questions and Answers 5.

In which of the following state does the silicon diode has the voltage drop of 0. Microwave Engineering Questions and Answers 1.

Why Electronics?

Which of the following is the main advantage of microwave Microwave Engineering Questions and Answers 4. If a transmission line with characteristic impedance Z1 is connected to a transmission line with characteristic impedance Z2.

If the system is being driven by a generator connected to the first line, then the overall transmission coefficient will be ElectroMagnetic Field Theory Questions and Answers 3.

Which one of the following conditions will not guarantee a distortionless Transmission Line Analog Electronics Questions and Answers 1. In a transistor switch, the voltage change from base-to-emitter which is adequate to accomplish the switching is only about Analog Electronics Questions and Answers 2. If a certain multiplexer can switch one of 32 data inputs to its output.

How many different inputs does this MUX have? Analog Electronics Questions and Answers 4. A full adder logic circuit will have Digital Electronics Questions and Answers 3. Which of the following is a universal logic gate?

Digital Electronics Questions and Answers 5.Zero D. Holes and Electrons B. Then you can proceed to download the past questions and answers for free. Sir I wish to improve my basic knowledge level in electronics and communication field.

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A device with small internal resistance. Low B. PART 3. If the output filter capacitor in a power supply actually had a value twice its stated value, which of the following symptoms would be found?