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Title: Project 2 Third edition Student's Book, Author: Tibor Bozó, Name: Project 2 Use Jessica's text as a model. March is the third month. Download for free Oxford Project English Full Set All Editions 1 2 3 4 5 Plus - students teahers book workbook audio cd multirom test key answers - Учебно- методический комплекс Project Third Edition - - третье издание - Project. PROJECT ENGLISH 2 TEST BOOKLET 1 TOM HUTCHINSON These tests may Each test covers the work done in one Issue. 1 nine o'clock 2 3 the morning 4 Monday 5 4pm 6 Wednesday 3rd June 7 Saturday 13th.

It was made of wood and iron. The first railways appeared in England in the s. For the first time people could travel from one side of the country to the other in just a few hours. In Karl Friedrich Benz made the first car in Germany.

Early cars were very expensive. Henry Ford in the USA changed that. He built good, cheap cars in his factories. Baron von Drais made the first bicycle in Use the pictures in 1a and the cues below.

Solutions by Chapter

At seven thirty Ted was in bed. He didn't hear the alarm clock. Which verbs have got an extra syllable in the past tense? What to do 1 Tell people about your last holiday or your ideal holiday. Write about these things:. Choose four things. Which things don't you like? No, I don't. I never drink it. With plural nouns and uncountable nouns we don't need a or an. With a singular noun we must have a or an. Menu Spaghetti bolognaise Listen and repeat the words. Which of the things from exercise 1a did the tramp put in the soup?

The tramp put the vegetables into the saucepan. It's a pity you haven't got any meat. She ran to the cellar and came back with some ham and some sausages. The tramp put them into the saucepan. Have you got anything to eat? You see, I've got a magic stone and I can make soup with it. But I need some water. Bread is very good with stone soup. It's a pity you haven't got any bread. She went to the cupboard and fetched a loaf of bread, some butter and a bottle of wine.

She put them on the table with some knives, forks and spoons. She fetched a big saucepan of water and put it on the cooker. The tramp put the stone into it. After a while he tasted the soup. It's very good; he said. That's better; said the tramp. It's a pity you haven't got any vegetables. She ran into the garden and brought back. Write five kinds of food or drink from exercise 1. Don't show it to anyone. If you hear the ItJI sound say 'cheese'.

If you hear the Id31 sound say 'oranges'. Mickey and Millie are going to do some shopping. There isn't any dog food on the shelf. Millie's got the cheese. They download everything at the supermarket. They download six bananas.

They don't download any dog food at the market. Millie decides to feed Mut when they get home. The dog food is in the cupboard. We need some bananas. We need some cheese. Find out what he I she eats and drinks in a week. Ask about these things. Look at these words. Which words have the IAI sound? Mix them with a fork. What is George doing in each picture? Most people in Britain eat a big breakfast every morning. People often have grapefruit for breakfast People have lunch at 3 o'clock.

All children take a packed lunch to school. People usually have dinner in the evening. Most people eat breakfast in the kitchen. Most people have a light breakfast. These are some typical things that people have for breakfast: The traditional British breakfast is very big: But nowadays people don't usually cook a big breakfast every morning. They only have a cooked breakfast on Sundays, or when they stay in a hotel.

Between 12 o'clock and two o'clock people have lunch. This is often a light meal of soup, sandwiches and I or a salad. Most children have their lunch at school. They can take sandwiches from home a packed lunch or they can download food at the school canteen. The main meal of the day is dinner. People usually eat this between about six and seven o'clock in the evening.

A traditional dinner is meat or fish with potatoes and vegetables, but many people nowadays cook foreign food. Lasagne, risotto or curry are popular and some people are vegetarians. After the main course, some people have dessert also called 'pudding' - such as fruit, chocolate cake, or apple pie with ice-cream or custard. In some parts of England, people have the main meal at mid-day and call it 'dinner'. They call the light meal they have in the afternoon or evening 'tea'.

Some people also call the evening meal 'supper'. This can be a light meal or a main meal. Ask and answer about the meals you eat. Match the words to the pictures. Read the text again and match the food to the places. Before the 16th century, people in Europe didn't have a lot of the things that we eat and drink every day. At the end of the 15th century, people from Europe started to travel to other parts of the world. They went to America, Africa and Asia. They brought back a lot of new kinds of food.

Chocolate came from Mexico. The Aztecs there drank chocolate with pepper! The Spanish brought chocolate to Europe and they were the first to put sugar in it. Until the s, chocolate was only a drink. The Swiss made the first bar of chocolate in Tomatoes, peppers and avocados all came from Mexico, too. The Spanish took seeds back to Spain and started to grow the plants there. Soon they spread to other countries in Europe and then to other parts of the world.

The words tomato, chocolate and avocado all come from the old Aztec language. Potatoes came from South America. Potatoes like cold, wet weather. They grew in the mountains of Peru. Sweetcorn or maize came from North America. Turkeys came from North America, too. They didn't come from Turkey! Coffee came from Africa. The Turks took it to. Tea came from China in the 17th century. At first it was very expensive and only rich people drank it, but in the 19th century the British started to grow tea in India.

They produced a lot, so it was cheap and everybody drank it. There isn't salt in the cupboard. There are tins of tomatoes in the cupboard vegetables? Do we need apple, please? Can I have I had plate of cheese and bread for lunch. We didn't download Put onions, tomatoes and oil in frying pan and stir them with fork. First, put 6 plastic cup on 7 paper. With B pencil draw 9 circle round 10 cup. Use How much How much milk is there? Answer the questions about your home.

Is your town or city near: You can go skiing here in the winter. This is Ben Nevis. It's 1, m high. There are lots of 4 here, too. London is the capital of the UK. In this picture you can see Tower Bridge. The 6 is called the Thames. I This is the Isle of Wight. I I e sometlmes go here for I.

There are some.. I live in the south-east of England. The weather in the south is nicer than in the north. It's warmer and drier. However; more people live in the south, so it's more crowded and houses are more expensive.

However; the people here are friendlier. I think the north is more beautiful, too. We've got lakes and hills here. The south is much flatter. The weather is cooler. The weather is nicer. It's warmer. It's wetter. It's drier. The people are friendlier. It's more crowded. It's flatter. It's more beautiful. Houses are more expensive. Compare the things below. How many differences can you think of? Tell the class. Choose the correct adjectives to complete the sentences.

Use the comparative form. Compare two parts of your country. Use the words. B The name of the sixth largest continent doesn't end in Which is the best campsite? Which is the worst campsite? Why do they put their tent in the field?

What is making the noise? Pronunciation Same sound 3? The United States of America is the fourth largest country in the world.

Project 3 Third Edition - TB

It's bigger than the whole of Europe, but it isn't the largest country in North America. That's Canada. There are five time zones in the USA. So, when it's twelve o'clock in New York, it's only eight o'clock in Alaska.

The third longest river in the world is in the USA. It's the Mississippi-Missouri River.

PMP Project Management Professional Exam Deluxe Study Guide, 3rd Edition

The USA is the richest country in the world. It produces more food, iron, cars, aeroplanes, books, music and TV programmes than any other country in the world. The USA has a population of about million people. Most of them live in cities. About 8 million people live there. The second largest city is Los. Angeles in California and the third largest is Chicago.

There are fifty states in the United States. Some of the eastern states, like Rhode Island and Delaware, are quite small, but others, like Texas, California and Alaska, are bigger than a lot of countries. Alaska is the largest state. Each state has got its own government and its own capital city. On the flag there is one star for each of the fifty states. The thirteen stripes are for the original thirteen states.

These states formed the USA in. W It's further from the Atlantic Ocean. It's colder in winter. It's cooler in summer. The air above the ocean is wet I dry. The air above the land is usually wet I dry. Water gets hotter quickly I slowly.

The Atlantic keeps western Europe cooler in winter I summer. This is. France and Portugal are closer to the Atlantic Ocean. The air above the ocean is wet. In summer. Why does this happen? Water changes its temperature slowly, but the land changes very quickly. In summer, the ocean is cooler than the land, so it keeps western Europe cooler than the east.

In winter, the ocean is warmer than the land, so it keeps western Europe warmer. The countries in eastern Europe are further from the ocean.

SQ it doesn't affect the temperatures there. It doesn't cool the land in the summer. This also means that the seasons are different in eastern and western Europe. The temperature of the land changes quickly. Spring and autumn are short. In western Europe the temperature changes slowly.

I the pairs that have the same vowel sound. Zoli and Rita are thinking about their holiday. Compare the places. Write a sentence for each of the adjectives below. This 4. Frank's Friends? What are you going to do this evening? Well, my parents aren't going to be at home, so I'm not going to do any homework. I'm going to watch all my favourite TV programmes. What about your sister, Liz?

Is she going to be at home? Yes, she is, but I'm going to keep the remote control. Are you going to watch Frank's Friends!

That's my favourite comedy programme. No, I'm not. I'm going to record it, because I'm going to watch Megastruetures. It's a documentary about big buildings and tunnels and things like that. Yes, it's going to be a great evening.

Ask and answer with your partner. Plan the perfect evening's TV. What programmes are you going to watch? Sentence stress 8 a 6 listen.

Mark the syllables with the stress. There are three in each sentence. Doctor X Justin Time opened his eyes slowly. He was on a bed in a strange room. The bed was very hard. Chelsea was there, too. She was very sad. You're both going to die here: It was Justin's old enemy, Dr X. She laughed horribly. So goodbye, MY Time: Dr X left the room and the guard locked the door. Then he shouted very loudly.

Chelsea was by the door. She threw the blanket over the guard's head, while Justin quickly grabbed the keys from the guard's belt. They locked the guard in the room and ran outside. She's going to take the computer to her secret island. Come on: They got into the boat and hid behind the seats. Soon Dr X arrived. She carefully put a briefcase on the seat and started the engine.

The boat was very fast. When they were near the island, Dr X opened the briefcase. Suddenly Justin jumped up and took the briefcase. She grabbed the briefcase and pulled hard. But the briefcase was open and the computer fell into the water. While he watched Dr X, Chelsea took the boat safely back to the harbour.

Find more adverbs in the story. Complete the sentences with words from the story. Are the missing words adverbs or adjectives? Think about what happened before this.

What happened to Justin? What type do you like best? It's Saturday morning. Nick doesn't have to go to school today, but he has to get up early. He's going to be in a film. I have to say 'Look! This is Carrie's hat! Liz is asking Nick some questions. Liz can't play tennis, because she has to go to the dentist's. Practise the dialogues in exercise 7a. Where shall we meet? How about twenty past two. Student A suggests one of the things. Student B gives an answer.

A Let's playa computer game. Make new dialogues with the cues. Who was 'the little tramp'? What kind of films did Alfred Hitchcock make? What did he do in all his films? Who wrote the James Bond books? What does James Bond do! Who made the Wallace and Gromit films! How many of his films won Oscars? He was born in London, but when he was 23 years old he went to the USA. He worked in the theatre at first and then moved to Hollywood. He starred in several silent movies. In most of his early films he played 'the little tramp'.

People all over the world loved his films. His most famous film was The Kid Ian Fleming created the character. He wrote the first James Bond book in Ten years later, the first James Bond film appeared. Alfred Hitchcock was a film director. He made thrillers, like North by Northwest and Rear Window. His most famous film was Psycho. He wasn't an actor, but he always appeared in one scene in all his films.

Nick Park created these two characters - Wallace, the inventor, and Gromit, his very clever dog. They're made of plasticine. English across the curriculum History I Art: Are the. The seats were on the hillside and the stage was at the bottom of the theatre. So the audience could see the stage very well. All the actors in the Greek theatre were men. They wore masks with a big hole for the mouth. There were masks with happy faces for comedies and masks with sad faces for tragedies.

Tragedies were often about the past. The actors in tragedies usually wore dark colours. Comedies were funny and told stories about everyday life. The actors in comedies often wore light colours. Two of the most famous playwrights were Euripides and Aristophanes. Euripides lived in the fifth century between BC and Be. He wrote tragedies. Aristophanes lived between BC and Be. He wrote comedies and is known as the 'Father of Comedy'.

Today people still remember their names. In tragedies, the actors wore These plays were usually about 2 In , the actors wore These plays were usually about. My favourite films are the three Pirates of the Caribbean films. They're great fun. I like them all, but I think that the second film, Dead Man's Chest, is the best.

Orlando Bloom was born in He had parts in some TV dramas and was also in several plays in the theatre before his first big part in Lord ofthe Rings. Keira Knightley was born in She always wanted to be an actress.

She starred in Bend it like Beckham and Pride and Prejudice. Johnny Depp was born in He played the guitar in a rock band before he became a TV actor. His first big part in films was in Edward Scissorhands. He was also in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He's very funny. The story In the first film Act naturally They're gonna put me in the movies they're gonna make a big star out of me We'll make a film about a man that's sad and lonely and all I gotta do is act naturally Well, I'll bet you I'm gonna be a big star might win an Oscar you can never tell the movies gonna make me a big star 'Cause I can play the part so well.

Well I hope you come and see me in the movies then I know that you will plainly see The biggest fool that ever hit the big time and all I gotta do is act naturally Well I hope you come and see me in the movies then I know that you will plainly see The biggest fool that ever hit the big time and all I gotta do is act naturally.

Unit topic Grammar be can have got questions Vocabulary and pronunciation Greetings p4 What's your name? Spelling and sound p7 Present simple: Affirmative, negative and questions p9 Communication and skills Culture, Across the curriculum, Project Hokey Cokey p7 Greetings p4 Asking for sports centre membership p5 What's in your bag?

Housework p14 Birthdays p11 Culture: Months of the year p10 Dates p10 Pronunciation: Dates p11 What does Jessica do? Birthdays p11 I Across the curriculum: Syllables p21 Stress and rhythm p23 Syllable stress p24 Culture: Animals p28 Biology: What am I?

Meerkats p25 Chicken Licken p26 Speaking: Animals p31 What are the animals? I Object pronouns p27 Writing: The ending of a story p27 Song Kookabura sits in the old gum tree p31 -- -- Pronunciation: Regular verbs p35 Holiday transport p34 Holiday problems p36 Past simple -be p33 Weak and strong forms p33 -ed endings p35 Irregular verbs p36 Negative auxiliaries p37 British holidays p40 Dominic's holiday p33 Helena's holiday p34 Culture: Across the curriculum: Where were you Holidays p43 Song Listening: Runaway train p43 To a sports instructor p33 A holiday p39 Writing: Stone soup p46 Meal times p52 Phrasal stress p45 Speaking: J p47 Some I any p47 Geography: I How many?

Words with the same sound p51 Listening: Food p55 What do people have for lunch? Vowel sounds p63 The UK p57 As Stress and rhythm p57 Across the curriculum: My country p67 Song This land is your land p67 Writing: What are you going to do? History I Art: The Greek Acting a story p71 Arranging a meeting p75 theatre p77 Listening: Favourite forms of entertainment p79 Pronunciation: Song Act naturally p79 Writing: The beginning of a story p71 Revision pages: Workbook p74 Grammar summary: Who are the two people?

Who are the people? Ask and answer about the people. Practise the dialogue. He's George's dad. Bye Goodnight See you later See you Hi. Complete the 1 What is George's full name? I can play the trumpet. Can you play the guitar? No, I can't. What about Alice?

She can play the violin. Write about yourself. Listen again, and complete it. Membership Card Name. Date What questions does the receptionist ask? Yes, I can. Ask and answer. I can't play the piano, but I can play the guitar. How many things can you name? Stephen's trainers? Close your book. Listen and write the answers to the questions.

Ask more questions about the picture. Questions 1 2 3 4 5 6 What's this? There are Stephen is sitting on the bed. Has Alice got these things 2 on her desk?

Test a partner. Student A asks questions. She's got two keys. She hasn't got a photograph. Yes, she has. She's got. Have you got these things in your bag today? Look at the phonetic alphabet in your Workbook. Repeat with: Write sentences about yourself. Use the present simple. Writing 8 Write about your life. Use Jessica's text as a model.

I live in I go to Sa plays table tennis on Thursdays. Make true sentences. What do Jessica and Cameron do at these times? Copy and complete the table with these verbs, goes have Correct the sentences about Jessica.

Pronunciation Copy and complete the table with don't or doesn't. I We You They do karate. Write the ordinal numbers. Today Cameron's birthday Jessica's birthday b Say the months round the class. Which 7 June 20 September 21 September months do you hear? October b Write about yourself. Grammar 3 a 5 Read about the months. We say 21 September b Write the dates in full. We write January is the first month of the year. February is the second month. March is the third month.

April is the fourth month. May is the fifth month. Write the dates you hear. Reading and writing 7 a j Read and listen. Find these things in the picture. Parents often download a big present like a bike or MP3 player. People normally have a birthday party for their friends. There's usually a birthday cake with one candle for each year of your age. The person with the birthday blows out the candles and makes a wish.

Then everybody sings 'Happy Birthday! Some older children don't have a party. They take their friends to the cinema, a bowling alley or somewhere like that. My friend, Anna, in Hungary says that they have 'name days' in her country, but we don't have 'name days'. Anna also says that people in Hungary give flowers on name days and birthdays. In Britain. Cameron and I give flowers to our mum on her birthday.

C Write about how people celebrate birthdays in your country. Pronunciation th lei and 8 a Put the words in the correct column. Tick of the things Mickey asks about. Work in small groups. Choose the correct short answer.

Listen to an interview with Harry. Tick V' the answers Harry gives. No, he doesn't. No they don't. How do we make questions in the present simple? Use short answers. Mickey ask a lot of questions? Millie answer his questions? How Why the time? Ask and answer about Harry. He lives in Use the questions from the chart. Copy the intonation. Does Millie ask a lot of questions? Do you like sport?

Does Jessica walk to school? Does she go out with her friends? Do you play the piano? This is our robot. His name's Quasar. He does lots of jobs in the house. He normally sets the table, but he never puts the knives and forks in the right place.

Jessica is talking to a radio DJ. Tick V the jobs she does. How often does Jessica do with a normal verb? Write the adverbs of frequency. Put the adverbs of frequency in the correct place. She normally makes her bed. S Write sentences about your life. Write about Quasar usually takes out the rubbish. He sometimes cooks the dinner, but he usually burns it. Quasar takes out the rubbish. I always make my bed.

Tick v" them. At New Year, a lot of people have a party to 'see in' the new year. At midnight, they usually join hands and sing Auld Lang Syne. New Year is an important festival in Scotland.

In Edinburgh, there is a big street party with famous bands and fireworks. Look at the chart. Christmas I turkey I Put the letters in the correct order. What time: Find three objects which measure other things.

Compare another 4 minutes. When does he arrive at: How many hours of daylight are: Use some of the expressions below. Do they know the answer? Complete the sentences about Clare's life. Use the pictures and the times below. Put the words in the correct order to make questions. My cousin Patrick's birthday is on the twelfth of May. Write about these things: Which months do you like?

February w. Song 1 a Find words in the song with these sounds ledl lu: Why aren't Dominic and his friends at school today? No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds.

No notes for slide. They may not be adapted, printed, or sold without the permission of Oxford University Press. Each test covers the work done in one Issue. Each test has two parts: Part A tests: Each part gives a total possible mark of A B Dan. A B Weedon. A B Thirteen. A B 28th January. A B Elm Street. A B Sixty-nine. A B Yes. French and Chinese. A B I play the guitar and I watch television. A Thank you, Dan.

Score 1 forcontent. Score 2 tor correctness. Total 30 Section 2 Look at the picture. Now complete the descriptions with the following words. She got blond , and blue. She wears. He and.

Hedoesn't Score 1 for each correct word. Total 20 3. When he a boy, Alex Haley's relatives him about their family. Kunta Kinte lived in a in Africa. One day he left village and he never saw his again.

Four men captured him. They him to America in a ship a lot of other men and. The men sold Kunta Kinte in the market. Kunta Kinte's master was very and Kunta Kinte ran. But his master caught him and off hisfoot. Doctor William Waller Kunta Kinte and he worked in doctor's garden.

He Bell, the doctor's cook. They had a. Her name was Kizzy. In Alex Haley found Kunta Kinte's village in. He wrote a book about his family. The book was 'Roots'. Score 1 for each correct word. Total 20 Section 4 Kate wants a job. She is at a magazine office. She is talking to the editor, Tony Cass. Read their conversation. Tony We write a magazine for young people. Come on. You can meet the team.

This is Jane. Kate Hello, Jane. Jane Hi. Tony Jane's a reporter. And this is Colin. He's the art editor. He'll tell you more about the magazine. Colin The magazine is called'Cool Cat'. We do one issue a month. We're doing the fourth issue forthis year now. It's called 'Fashion Time', because it's about clothes. Can you drive a car?

Kate No, I can't, but I've got a bicycle. Colin Oh, OK. And are you good with a camera? Kate Yes. Colin Good. Our photographer left last week. So we need a new photographer. Can you start next Monday?

Colin Great. Later Kate is talking to Jane. Give Jane's answers. Kate Tell me about the job again, Jane. I can't remember it all. What are the boys' names? Jane I'm Kate What's the magazine called?

Jane It Kate Who is the magazine for? Jane It Kate How many issues do you do? Jane We Kate Which issue are you doing now? Jane We Kate What is it about? Jane It Kate What is it called? Jane It Kate And what job shall I do? Jane You Kate When shall I start? Jane You Score 1 forcontent. Score 2 for correctness.

Total 30 Your total for Part A: Score 50 for content. Score 50 for correctness. Your total for Part B: Your total for Issue 1: Total 19 Section 2 On the picture in Section 1, write the names of the six rooms, in the correct places.

Total 6 6. Total 10 Section 4 Complete the text with the correct form of the verb in brackets. Last Monday afternoon Jane be in the kitchen. She cook some chips. While she heat some oil in a pan, the telephone ring. When she hear the telephone, she go to answer it, but she forget about the oil.

It be her friend, Kelly, on the phone. While she talk to Kelly, the oil catch fire. When Jane see the fire, she run into the kitchen. Then Jane do the wrong thing. She open the back door and pick up the pan. But as she take the pan outside, she burn her hand and she drop the oil.

Jane be very lucky, because the burning oil miss her. But remember: When oil catches fire, throw a damp towel over it. Don't pick up the pan. Score 1 for each correct verb. Total 20 Section 5 Complete this story with the following words. Theywere watching the English ships. He was watching the ,too. It was a day, but the were still happy. Their ships were to fight the French. But as the ships were sailing Southsea Castle a happened. The wind very hard and the King's favourite ship, the Mary Rose, over and.

The stayed at the of the sea for four hundred years. Then in made a special forthe ship and it with a giant. While theywere lifting it, of the cradle. But the engineers it. Now you can see the Mary Rose in a special in Portsmouth.

Total 27 7. A policeman interviewed a witness. Look at these answers. What were the policeman's questions? A B Mrs Johnson. A B 14 Green Street. A B Outside the supermarket. A B I was talking to my friend.

A B No, I didn't see it, but I heard a crash. A B I telephoned for an ambulance. Score 1 for content. Total 18 Your total for Part A: Part B Write a newspaper story about an accident. Use these cues to help you.

Total 10 Section 2 Write these numbers in full. Total 20 Section 3 Complete the sentences. Use these words. C is than A. Oxford is than Birmingham.

Vicky's picture is than Jane's. Kelly's picture is. Record Breakers is than Dallas. Record Breakers is Score 1 for appropriate adjective.

Score 1 for correctness.

Project 4 Student Book Third Edition

Total 42 It is in North America. C 2 This is the sixth largest country in the world. It is an English-speaking country and it is in the southern hemisphere. A 3 This is the largest country in South America. It is on the equator. B 4 This is the largest country in the world. Part of it is in Europe and part of it is in Asia.

The 5 This is the largest continent in the world. A 6 This is the smallest country in the world. It is in Italy. TheV 7 This is the coldest place in the northern hemisphere. The 8 Our heat comes from this.

The Score 1 for each correct answer. Total 8 Section 5 Complete this text. The American man is cm tall and the average American is cm tall. But males are always taller than females. Girls fasterthan boys, and at the of twelve the average girl is and heavier than the average. The tallest man ever in the was Robert Wadlow.

He was cm tall. The tallest woman ever wasZeng Jinlian China. Whenshediedin she cm tall. Giants like Robert Wadlow Zeng Jinlian do not have happy lives. Some are easier for them. Robert Wadlow could a ceiling or change a bulb a ladder. But a lot of things were more. He could not travel on buses, and he a special car, too.

He could see at the cinema, but he was not very popular. The people behind him could not the film. Giants do not live long. Robert Wadlow was only 23, when he.

Zeng Jinlian was only Total 20 Your total for Part A: And when it is summer in the northern hemisphere it is winter in the southern hemisphere. Explain why. Use diagrams to illustrate your answer. Your total for Issue 3: Score 1 for each correct answer. Total 10 Jenny Dad? Mr Smith Yes, Jenny. Jenny Will we be here next Friday? Mr Smith Friday? We're going to your Grandma's, I think. Jenny No, that's the week after. Mr Smith What date is it next Friday?

Jenny It's the 18th. Mr Smith Oh, well, you're right then, because we're going to your Grandma's on the 25th. Jenny I've got an invitation to Phil Clark's birthday party. Can I go? Mr Smith What time does it start? Jenny Eight o'clock. Mr Smith OK, but you must be home at eleven.

Where does Phil live? Jenny Collingwood Road. Number Thanks, Dad. Total 20 Section 7 Complete the recipe with these words. Carol and herfriends are going to do some jobs for her.

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Look at this list. Say what the people have and haven't done. Total 30 Section 2 Complete these sentences with since or for. Ithink he's lost. Total 6 She have it forten years now. Score 1 for correct tense.

Score 1 for correct form. Total 20 Section 4 Read this story. Johnny Ball, England's youngest football manager, is thirty-five today. He and his wife, Marie, live in a beautiful old house near Birmingham. Johnny played for Birmingham City Football Club for ten years and he's been the manager there for five years now.

In total he has played for three football clubs. He was born in Scotland, but when he was five years old his parents moved to Newcastle in the North of England.

When he left school at the age of fifteen, he started with the local team, Newcastle United. In he moved to America and played forthe Los Angeles Dynamos.

But he was not very happy in the States and less than a year later he moved to Birmingham. He got married in , and two years ago Johnny and Marie bought their lovely house. Here is an interview with Johnny Ball. What were the questions? A You're England's youngest football manager, Johnny. B Thirty-five. A B I've been manager for five years, but I played for Birmingham before that.

A B Ten years. A B Three. A B In Scotland, but I didn't live there very long. We moved to Newcastle when I was five. A B Newcastle United. A B In I was never very happy there. A B For two years now. Total 30 One of these was the American bison, or buffalo, as it is sometimes. The Indians buffaloes forfood and clothes, but they only killed a few thousand animals each year.

We do not know how many buffaloes there were, because people could not them. But we thatin there were sixty buffaloes in North America. Then men started hunting the buffaloes profit. Between and the of animals to only five hundred. The buffalo was almost.

But the buffalo was lucky. Atthe of the twentieth century buffalo hunting stopped. Since that time the number of buffaloes has to twenty-five thousand. Will other animals, like the whale, be as lucky as the buffalo? Total 14 Your total for Part A: Part B Here is some information about Betty Ross, the famous film star. Use the information to write her life story. Your total for Issue 5: Total 9 Section 2 Read this information.

Then write in the questions to complete the conversation. A B It's in Capstan Street. A B It's near the Castle.Can you start next Monday? Are the ideas connected together? In that time he walked s all the big cases. We're in front of the railway station now. Match the dates to the days. It's straight ahead. Then men started hunting the buffaloes profit. The main problem with having an insect as a pet is that they are hard to relate to. Then write the animals you hear.

With a singular noun we must have a or an.