Elements of Grammar [Margaret Shertzer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The essential guide to refining and improving grammar – from. The elements of grammar: The essential guide to refining and improving grammar [Margaret D Shertzer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Collier Books, - English language - pages. Provides information concerning plurals, parts of speech, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and usage. The elements of grammar: the essential guide to refining and improving gram

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The essential guide to refining and improving grammar – from the basics of sentence structure to the art of composing written works. A concise, comprehensive. A handy compendium of grammar in the same format as the perennial bestseller. The Elements of Grammar book. Read 7 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Provides information concerning plurals, parts of speech, ca.

Three strikes, and you have a homerun! You may not even be a fan of baseball, but everyone knows that three strikes equal an out, not a homerun. Imagine that you were reading an article about a sporting event and you came across that.

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Are they really being serious right now? The same approach one must have for sports writing is the same one that they should have when it comes to writing for anything else. It should have clarity, and strong tone, smooth, and simple to understand. Focusing on the aspect of tone, close your eyes and imagine that your favorite basketball player had the ball in his hands with 3 seconds left on the clock.

The game is tied, and this game can determine who wins the championship. He takes a dribble, steps back, and fades as he shoots the ball. Next thing you know, all you hear is the clock sound off indicating that time is up, but that ball begins to sail in the basket, through the net of the rim. Game over! How would you feel?

You would shout, cheer, and leap for joy. Share that special moment with your audience. With that being said, your delivery is key when it comes to writing about sports. Know Your Facts!

Another facet that is extremely important when it comes to being a sports writer is in-depth knowledge of the game. Sure, general knowledge may serve you well, but what if there is a controversial ruling that requires stating the rules of the game? At that point, one will definitely need more than just a general knowledge of the sport.

As a writer and an editor, you want to sound confident and assure of yourself that you know what you are talking about. Imagine if you were covering a business individual who is worth Sure, However, in a sense, you are short changing the individual and minimizing their worth. After all, numbers never lie!

The Elements of Grammar

Imagine if you reported that Richard Sherman had 3 interceptions last season, when he really had 8, or what if Aaron Rodgers threw 6 interceptions, and an article stated that he threw 10? As competitors, they would be angry and feel disrespected, because the statistics do not match their pedigree.

With that being said, it is important to continually check your facts over and over again from several different primary sources. How do you think the individual the article was written about would feel?

However, the simplest one is the short game story. The lead of your cover should include the final score and some details about what made the game interesting.

The Elements of Grammar

Generally, this means focusing on the efforts of an individual player. Rookie corner back Malcolm Butler made the biggest play of his career that will go down as one of the biggest plays in Super Bowl history—a game saving interception at one-yard line. Focusing on Butler would be a great story, seeing how that was his first interception of his career.

He made crucial mistakes throughout the game, but when he was needed the most, he delivered. Although that would make a great story, one may also choose to focus on Tom Brady, the MVP of the game.

Either way, the short game story must obviously be short, accurate, and it must focus on a play or a player. Have Fun! Last but not least, just have fun.

We often tend to over complicate situations by making it more intense than what it needs to be. As passionate as you can be talking about it, the same passion can be conveyed in an article.

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Writers can be pretty introverted and for that reason, it sometimes makes it difficult to get into any kind of social scene that might be of benefit to their careers. One thing that a lot of other fields of work have is networking and social events to help build connections and foster relationships to help further them along in their career.

Writers have the same types of opportunity, and with a little bit of digging there are places to go and people to meet, not only for a social life, but also to network and rub elbows with other working writers in the area.

There are workshops and events constantly, as well as authors that come in to talk about new releases. This is the kind of hang out spot that is low key and can aid any writer in finding similar folks with similar interests.

They are generally not very reliable. If you feel uneasy with your grammar invest in or check out at the library a guide to grammar: The Little Brown Handbook by Jane E. Call no. Call No.

S Writing, a concise handbook by James A. Heffernan, John E. Call no: PE b.

C48 The elements of grammar by Margaret D. S54 College writing skills, with readings by John Langan. Montgomery Some things to really avoid: Avoid wordiness.Verbs involve action or a state of being inaction , which raises a question about why opposites are combined under one heading.

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Given the pervasiveness of "to be" under all its forms "Is be am are was were been Before you can submit your own work, you must first critique other members works. Call No. Their membership boasts over members from all over the state with all different types of writing backgrounds.